Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thus began my Life

The day was 25th September 2000. I was in a cradle and I was crying . I saw that a man and a little girl were coming near me.
I was very scared. The little girl took me in her arms but the man asked her not to do so because she was very small .
The man took me in his arms and said that, “You are my birthday gift because today is my birthday also”.
After some days ,I was at my new house and there I was named ‘SAMYAK’ . After 1 year there were many balloons in my house because of my birthday.
Now, 8 years of my life have passed away and my age is bigger than the age of the girl at that time, the girl who tried to pick me up when I was born. Now, I am in LUCKNOW.


  1. samyak u are my bff and after seeing this I am totally impressed